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The highest mountain in the Royal Andes Mountain Range


Reach for the greatness of the skies: Discover the majesty of the Illimani snow-capped mountain and challenge your limits.

Country: Bolivia

Altitude: 6.452 m/21.167 ft

Duration: 4 days

Packages: From $1000

The Illimani snow-capped mountain is an imposing peak that rises majestically on Bolivia’s horizon. With an elevation of 6,438 meters (21,122 feet), it is the highest mountain in the Royal Andes Mountain Range. Its imposing presence and gleaming glaciers make Illimani a dream destination for climbing enthusiasts. Conquer its challenging summits and immerse yourself in a world of incomparable natural beauty. Let yourself be captivated by thrilling challenges and the sense of achievement upon reaching the summit of this natural wonder. The Illimani snow-capped mountain awaits you for an unforgettable adventure in the heights of Bolivia.

La Paz – Base Camp (4500 meters above sea level). Departure from La Paz at 9:00 am, heading to the Illimani Base Camp, approximately 4 hours by 4X4 vehicle. We reach the small town called Pinalla, and after lunch, we start a peaceful 3-hour hike towards Base Camp at 4500 meters above sea level, sleeping in tents.
Base Camp – High Camp (5500 meters above sea level). Departure from Base Camp towards High Camp with an approximate 5-hour hike, reaching an altitude of 5550 meters above sea level. We cross the rocky and sandy terrain, and upon reaching the rocky ridge, we find “Nido de Cóndores,” named for its location at the base of the glacier, sleeping in tents.
High Camp – Summit (6452 meters above sea level). Departure from High Camp at 3:00 am towards the summit at 6452 meters above sea level, with an approximate 7 to 8-hour hike. Returning to Base Camp to rest and sleep in tents.
Return to La Paz. Departure in the morning from Base Camp, leaving the mountain behind and descending through a fertile valley. We arrive at the town of PINALLA, where we meet the vehicles and return to La Paz.

Summit ascent

Frequently Asked Questions

No previous mountain climbing experience is necessary. With good communication and a suitable program, anyone can engage in mountain climbing. However, prior experience can be beneficial.

Cardiovascular training is required, such as running, walking, cycling, and swimming, along with good acclimatization.

The most suggested equipment for the mountain is:


  • Thermal mountain clothing (thermal leggings, pants, and a warm, waterproof jacket)
  • A waist harness
  • A helmet
  • A pair of rigid mountain boots
  • A 30-liter backpack
  • A pair of 12-point crampons
  • A classic ice axe (cane pick)
  • High mountain gloves
  • High mountain sleeping bag
  • Headlamp
  • Glacier glasses


  • 1-liter metallic thermos
  • Water bottle
  • Wool hat
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen cream
  • Buff (closed scarf)
  • Double socks

Our programs suggest the best time. However, we are willing to customize programs according to customer requirements.

Recommended Dates for Adventures in Bolivia

  • May 3rd to May 15th
  • June 10th to June 25th

Transportation is included as per the program, covering all necessary aspects within it.

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